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Lashtoniic Eyelash Growth Serum 4.8ml

29.00€  89.00€ (price incl. tax 24%)
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Product Description

Lashtoniic Eyelash-Brow Growth Liquid Cosmetic (4.8ml)

Lashtoniic is specifically formulated to promote the growth of your eyelashes. Using Lashtoniic once a day can bring results within as little as 14 days! - Increases Eyelash Length & Density - Strengthens Muscles to Prevent Eyelash Loss - Safe to Use with No Known Side Effects Your friends will envy your long, sexy lashes! You can even use it on thinning and non existent eyebrows, to make them fuller, darker, shaped and generally more beautiful. I does not matter how fragile, thin or spare your current eyelashes are, Lastoniic will build them up and make them look beautiful. Nothing is sexier than gorgeous dramatic eyes. With Lashtoniic you will have long luscious lashes, no more false eyelashes. The product uses French 'Happy', 'EMP' constitute of ten amino acids to form part of human tissue protein. They can activate dormant hair follicles, and promote rapid growth of eyelashes. Whilst using Lashtoniic you can even continue using extensions, safe in the knowledge that underneath your eyelashes are thickening and growing like never before. Once they are at a level you are pleased with, you are likely to give us extensions forever. Lashtoniic works in two ways. Whilst increasing the length, darkness and thickness of the eyelashes, it strengthens the epidermal junction (where the lash grows out of the eyelid). This way as the eyelashes increase in density the junction is able to hold them without them falling out. Independent studies have shown a 100% success rate, with the average growth of the eyelashes being 56%.

Lashtoniic eyelash growth liquid

7 days effective: Make your eyelash - longer and more black and stronger

7 days responding: To make your eyelashes - - longer, blacker, thicker

This product is developed by pharmaceutical companies, bio-enzyme "EPM" by 10 amino acids, is to form part of human tissue proteins. Can be used in the manufacture of hair cells and the formation of organizations, can activate dormant hair follicles of the secondary germ organization, so that in the resting phase of hair follicle cells back to the developmental stages of the value-added division level, to promote rapid growth of eyelashes.

[Main ingredients] enzyme "EPM", distillation liquid, hair follicle growth factor etc.

[Usage and dosage] After cleaning in the morning and evening, on eyelash (eyebrows) root besmear eyelash (eyebrows) liquid, To feel wet can, Close your eyes 2 minutes to make its fully absorb, such as drip into eyes, don't worry, without any side effects.

[function efficacy] This article adopts the enzyme "EPM " from French goods "HAPPY" developed by pharmaceutical company that constituted by 10 amino acids, which come into being as a part of body tissue protein. Can be used in the manufacture of hair cells and formation of organizations, can activate dormant secondary hair follicle germ organizations, so that those in the rest of the hair follicle cells recovered to the developing split value-added level, prompting eyelash rapid growth. Use seven days later, lashes (eyebrows) gradually become black and dense, 10 ~ 15 days later, lashes (eyebrows) more dense more black, longer and bend, and the length is not affected by metabolism.
BP Magnetic Lashes+Lashtoniic Eyelash Growth Serum 4.8ml=
Save 69%!

(price incl. tax 24%)
BP Magnetic LashesLashtoniic Eyelash Growth Serum 4.8ml

BP Lashes model:

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