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ZGTS Dermaroller 192 needles, titanium 0,30mm

15.90€  29.00€ (price incl. tax 24%)
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Microneedling has been found to be as effective as the laser peel and other treatments.

It increases the skin's collagen and elastin production and, therefore, can cure many skin problems such as:

• Stretch marks
• Sun damaged skin
• An aging skin (wrinkles)
• Hair loss
• Cellulite
• Aknearvet
• The neck wrinkle
• Enlarged pores of the skin
• Hyperpigmentation
• Many other skin problems on the face and body

A very effective skin renewal and elimination method of treatment!

Microneedling roller stimulates collagen production in the skin and also improves the treatment of various substances and waxes absorption.

Roller-called mikroneulaustelat have a small paint roller types of instruments with needle roller and its shaft. Roller roller is attached to the microscopic, thin needles. The needles are the different ranks of the size of the trains roll around the needle in the queue.

Needle rollers together as a whole is thus attached to the needle mikroneulaustelasta depending 192-540.

Short needles: 0.2mm - 0.55mm (-0.75) length needles are suitable for use in cosmetology and beauty THIRD terveyshoitoloissa or at home. These rollers are often called beauty roller name.

Long needles: 0.75mm - 3.0mm are intended for use in clinics and hospitals. These rollers kutstuaan including Medicare or roller Medical Roller-name.

All 0.2 - 0.5mm needle lengths are effective beauty, the level of care they provide. Tissues were renewed and strengthened to effectively simple treatment makes a surprisingly effective.

Beauty salon treatments are carried out every 2-3 weeks, when the skin tissue to allow sufficient time to renew the previous after the treatment. The lengths needle 0.50mm and 0.75mm e.g., collagen suitable for impregnation and stilmulointiin healed skin. Roller small peaks of the injections are made by the management of the area at the time of the fact that your body will immediately start the healing process in this management area, the influx of energy and nutrients. Extra energy and nutrients to the area to provide care products that measure, or after the area of ​​skin is absorbed. It is therefore recommended to be used in connection with just microneedling treatments for creams and masks.
A few months after the scar tissue cell structure is broken, and instead created a "normal" new skin tissue. Scars become softer and lower, due to their cosmetic damage is substantially reduced. Mikroneulaus scar is suitable for most types, but not to be so. keloidiarville that needling should not be treated. Also not to be created to deal with entanglement.

The roll is attached to an extremely small needles, which are arranged around the roll. Along with the roll pins are attached to the 540.

The needles to cause small holes in the skin statum corneum skin layer, which allows for treatment with absorption of the deeper layers of the skin more effectively.

The outer tip of the needle also causes the dermis microscopically small trauma, which results in the body following process: start improvement system operations that trauma to the area, the area wherein the flow of energy and nutrients, and generated more collagen than normal, which causes the tissues to effectively renewed.

The simple cure due to the tissues being updated and strengthened amazingly quickly and efficiently. One neulauskerran after the power will last a long time, and the normal processing of personal grooming is done 2 to 3 weeks apart, in order to allow sufficient time to skin tissue to regenerate and heal.

When the treatment process is continued in the same area on a regular basis several times / months, so eventually the skin becomes firmer, resilient, and smoother, which means, of course, younger-looking skin.

Mikroneulaustela is as a personal tool than a toothbrush. It must be disinfected after each use by boiling water (max.135 degrees) or a sterilizing agent, available from your pharmacist.

Treatment should not be done if you have:

-Irritated or inflamed skin
-Active and inflamed acne or rosacea (papules individual can rotate)
Marevan-medication or cortisone strong
-During an active cold sore, take prophylaxis prior to treatment
-Inflamed atopic skin (by the way is atopic skin inflammation, but not during)
ZGTS Dermaroller 192 needles, titanium 0,30mm+Collagen serum 10ml=
Save 30%!

(price incl. tax 24%)
ZGTS Dermaroller 192 needles, titanium 0,30mmCollagen serum 10ml
ZGTS Dermaroller 192 needles, titanium 0,30mm+Collagen serum 10ml=
Save 30%!

(price incl. tax 24%)
ZGTS Dermaroller 192 needles, titanium 0,30mmCollagen serum 10ml
ZGTS Dermaroller 192 needles, titanium 0,30mm+Botulinum essence 10ml=
Save 32%!

(price incl. tax 24%)
ZGTS Dermaroller 192 needles, titanium 0,30mmBotulinum essence 10ml

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