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Syn®-Ake Essence 10ml

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Snake venom can simulate the real snake venom’s permeate through skin nerve,it retrenches  skin immediately to tighten and strengthen skin.

It contains multienzyme toxic protein, polypeptide,hyaluronic acid,small molecule peptide and amino acid.
Different kinds of snake venoms have various kinds of toxicity and pharmacology functions.

Form:  Fresh snake venom is slightly gamey smell transparent serum.
Main ingredient: Snake venom75%; Hyaluronic acid25%
Features: Easily remove; Good smells; Light skin-touch

Formula Analyse:
Snake venom serum: tripeptide SYN-AKE,it’s the receptor antagonist of acetyicholine, cells will rejuvenize in very short time to improve wrinkles.

Hyaluronic acid: it can moisturize skin to feel refreshing and elastic,it increases skin elasticity and flexibility to anti aging.

Beauty Efficacy:
Activation: immune globulin, vitamin and aging cells have the functions of repairing skin and shrink pores.
Regeneration: Restart regenerate collagen and elastin to recover elastic and regain youth.

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