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Snail Essence 10ml

14.50€  29.00€ (price incl. tax 24%)
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Snail Serum is based on snail extract.

Snail extracts、collagen、deionized water、allantoin、vitamin V、vitamin B5

Snail extraction: the serum extracted from the snail when crawling. Its natural antimicrobial
peptide repairs damaged skin, ossein effectively improves slack skin, glycolic acid brights skin,
compound vitamins supply nourishment.

Collagen: the key ingredient of skin connective tissue,build full skin structure together with
elastin, have the effect of maintain water.

Allantoin: add cell regrowth factor,enable skin to regenerate quickly to recover and smooth skin.

Solve four different skin problems:
Dry skin: Efficiently supply water to moisturize skin deeply.
Snail serum supplies a number of water to skin at once, skin absorbs water without any sticky
feeling and prevents water loss, let skin full of moisture.

Damaged sensitive skin: Good care for sensitive skin to strengthen skin barrier.

Ageing skin: Smooth wrinkles to restore youthful skin,
Allantoin and adenosine, which effectively improve dark and speckle skin.

Acne scars skin: Full of natural vitamins, repairing acne scars and enhance elasticity.
Snail serum contains natural vitamin, it can kill bacteria and supply water to skin,meanwhile
repair acne scars.

Repair acne and blemishes,improve dark and uneven skin
Romove skin wrinkles,restore skin elasticity
Improve rough skin to smooth and light skin
Supply skin nutritions,wakeup skin repairing energy

1.Clean face and apply some to whole face skin,message into skin to be absorbed.
To strengthen moisturizing,can use lotion or cream after using it.
2.Use with other several serums to make a better usage method.
3.Put the snail serum with cream or mask can enhance skin efficacy.
4.Put snail serum with BB cream or liquid foundation,it can light

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