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Inka Oils hempseed oil

28.00€ (price incl. tax 24%)
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Inca oil has a new  organic skin care oil

Packaged in spray bottle, domestic Ozoneized hemp seed oil treats the skin effectively and naturally with its own power.

Ozoned hemp seed oil is antimicrobial and the skin is a highly rejuvenating choice. Like other ozone-derived skin oils, it kills mushrooms, bacteria and viruses. Ozonized hemp seed oil is used to efficiently treat the skin's oxygen so that skin tissue recovers faster. Because of this, ozonated skin oils have become very popular among rhythm disorders (rashes, wounds, wounds, mites, fins). Try and find the power yourself!

Ozoned hemp seed oil made from cold-pressed hemp seed oil and ozone. A pleasantly scented and exquisite, strong ozone oil that protects and moisturizes. Suitable especially for body, legs and small facial areas. Multi-purpose, powerful and easy to dispense.

Homemade high quality Inka Oil ozonated oils are gently ozonated while maintaining the best properties of the skin's own skin care properties. This will allow for a revolutionary new ozonation method, created by the ambitious Finnish start-up company as a result of long development.

The manufacturer of this product shapes the background of his product:

"Inka Oils wants to develop a new technology based welfare oil that does not have any industrial additives or adds personal chemical loads. As a result of our long-term development, we are now proud and delightful domestic ozone-fed flaxseed oil and hemp seed oil.

Our oil differs considerably from other ozonated oils on the market, their natural color and composition. As raw materials in Inka oils -chained oils, we only use the best domestic vegetable oils that contain flavonoids, vitamins and amino acids that support skin wellbeing and promote cell function.

The oily ozone bonds to fatty acids are converted to ozone while retaining the active oxygen atom "O3", which acts to stimulate skin cells. Since we are a completely new kind of self-developing ozonization process and our product range, we are very keen to take feedback. We are eager to work on product development, and in the future we will also see additional oil ozone-derived oils from plant extracts. "

Use: Ozoned hemp seed oil for skin care. Used externally as needed. Store in a dry and cool place. It is stored at room temperature from the date of manufacture 9 months.

INCI: Ozonized hemp seed oil (Cannabis sativa).
Download additional product information: Inka Oilsin Hampunsiemenöljy -esite | 

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