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Face Massager Facial Roller

24.00€ (price incl. tax 24%)
Delivery time 2-4 working days


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Handle 24K Gold Beauty Bar Facial Vibration Massager Bar
Help skin firming and wrinkle removal
Vibrate 6000 times/minute

Handle 24K Gold Beauty Bar Facial Vibration Massager Bar :
The integral waterproofing specification 
It's possible to massage while relaxing in the bath.
Energy is given to skin by doing vibration (massage),
and it's to elastic moisture skin.
Slight vibration is added to the stroked movement towards
which a head pushes skin of your face and a pot in each part for T-shaped.
Because it's waterproof structure, it can be used slowly in the bath.
It's compact size, so it can be carried around easily.

It perform health care of the part
which is interested in you by vibration of the 6000rpm.
Please go around 2-3 minutes while relaxing.
Let's grasp around a one-third abdominal region of the main body lightly.
When you have the upper one,
vibration is transmitted to the one of a hand,
and vibration in the T-bar part becomes weak.

Seem to touch lightly and hit a T-bar head against the same place as the massage performed a finger,
and please move it to outside from the top to the top from the bottom slowly.
Please use the end of the T-bar about the narrow parts such as the sides of the wings of the nose.
A round place by the edge of a T-bar is hit against a pot, and, moderately, 2-3 seconds, it's pushed.
You can relax and have use it while taking a bath because it's perfect water tight structure at a bathroom.
Moist skin is the foundation of beauty
Kon Makoto (24K) to normalize the potential of vibration of the skin
The skin moist and beautiful

More function :

1.Massage head to produce germanium grain,and negative ion to improve facial wrinkles
2. Daily facial massage, facial cells can be activated
3. Digeste facial spots and pull the skin tight
4. Promote the facial blood circulation, eliminate eye pouch
5. Restore skin radiance, firmness and elasticity

Beauty Bar Specifications:

Body sizeBody:

140 length × diameter 16mm,
T-bar: 35 length × 6mm diameter
WeightApproximately 80g (including batteries)
PowerDC1.5V (using a single AA battery)
Frequency:6,000 times / min
Material Brass aluminum,
T-bar head portion (Kon Makoto special surface finish)
AccessoriesManual signature of a storage bag AA manganese batteries

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