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Bielenda JAPAN LIFT Moisturizing anti-wrinkle cream 40+, DAY, SPF 6

14.90€ (price incl. tax 24%)
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Moisturizing anti-wrinkle cream with a light, non-burdening formula for the day, modeled on Japanese care models, makes demanding mature skin in excellent condition throughout the day.
50 ml capacity
The active ingredients contained in the cream, with Japanese precision, reach problematic places, where they release their potential, actively stimulating the skin to rebuild. The cream intensively and deeply moisturizes the thin, dry mature skin, effectively lifts the epidermis, firms, tones, reduces skin sagging, nicely smoothes wrinkles. Supports skin regeneration and nourishment, as well as reduces discoloration, restores the skin's beautiful color, radiance and radiance. The cream SPF 6 filter in the cream protects against photoaging.
Proven effectiveness and visible lifting effects are provided by:
BIOMIMETIC PEPTIDE SYN®AKE is an innovative active ingredient recreated on the pattern of a viper venom toxin with a tightening effect, which by blocking the cyclic microcontractions of the facial muscles responsible for wrinkles, causes effective skin lifting. Visibly smoothes existing wrinkles and prevents new ones from forming.
RICE PEPTIDES stimulate the skin's defenses and enable its renewal. They effectively smooth wrinkles, nourish, improve firmness, elasticity and give the complexion radiance.
SAKE EXTRACT - a natural rice ferment used for centuries by Japanese geishas for skin care. SAKE is rich in kojic acid with moisturizing, regenerating and nourishing properties. Softens and smoothes the skin, soothes irritations, helps reduce discoloration and brightens the complexion nicely.
VISIBLE EFFECTS IN REDUCING THE SYMPTOMS OF ELIMINATING TIME: smooth, firm, nicely toned, bright, radiant complexion. Well moisturized skin, wrinkles and discoloration reduced and less visible.
intensely moisturizes the skin 92%
restores youthful glow 84%
* In Vivo test carried out under the supervision of dermatologists on a group of 25 women for a period of 4 weeks.
Massage the cream into cleansed face, neck and cleavage every morning. The cream is an excellent make-up base.

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