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Bielenda CARBO DETOX WHITE CARBON ™ cleansing PEEL OFF mask 2x5g

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The PEEL-OFF cleansing mask with a strong detoxifying effect instantly improves the condition of combination, oily and sensitive skin. The innovative WHITE COAL ™ formula based on proprietary, laboratory combination of pharmaceutical carbon, powdered diamond and white clay quickly and effectively cleanses the skin of toxins, narrows pores and prevents pimples.

The gel texture of the mask dries quickly on the skin creating a hydroplastic layer that perfectly adapts to the shape of the face.
Capacity 2 x 5 g
Thanks to the PEEL-OFF action, the skin is deeply cleansed and the pores less visible. The mask absorbs excess sebum and removes dead skin cells, improves skin condition and hydration.
PHARMACEUTICAL CARBON has antibacterial, cleansing and astringent properties. Thanks to its strong absorbing properties, it has the ability to deep cleanse the skin. It works like a magnet: it attracts and absorbs toxins, dead skin, excess sebum and other impurities from the surface and deeper layers of the skin. Effectively cleanses clogged pores, evens skin tone, prevents breakouts.
POWDERED DIAMOND brightens the skin, improves its elasticity, regenerates and smoothes the skin.
WHITE CLAY contains numerous microelements and mineral salts: silicon, calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium and sodium, thanks to which it has excellent astringent, healing and scarring properties. Perfectly cleanses and exfoliates the skin, narrows the pores. Revitalizes, nourishes and smoothes the skin, soothes sensitive skin.
Cleansed, fresh, smooth, perfectly matte complexion. Narrow and less visible pores, imperfections reduced.
Apply the mask to cleansed face. Avoid the eye and mouth area. Leave for 20 minutes or until completely dry. Download in one piece. Wash off the residue with warm water. Use twice a week. Designed for people of all ages.

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